Hi Dachshund Lovers:

My new book, “Mr. Lincoln Goes to Washington,” is now available. To order a copy, log onto mrlincolngoestowashington.com There’s free shipping during this intro period.

It’s a children’s picture book featuring four delightful dachshunds, but I promise you, adults will find it hilarious, as well.

To celebrate the launch, for every tenth order, I will refund that person’s book. It could be you!

I hope you enjoy the antics of these daring dachshunds. Let me know.



Mr. Lincoln Goes to Washington by Barbara J. Behm

I don’t know about you, but I think the world would be a lot less fun without wiener dogs in it. I believe that wiener dogs and penguins were put on this Earth to cheer people up.

I’ve shared my home with dachshunds most of my life, and I really do have four of them now.

There is no end to their antics, and the greatest joy of my life is observing them and imagining what they’re thinking.

I hope you enjoy “Mr. Lincoln Goes to Washington”.

Stay tuned for more wiener dog adventures, and let me know about yours!